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Administrative approval for fixing of food charges @ Rs. 450/- per day per trainee who will attend the training programme at WBJA

CARA - Guidelines

POCSO-Model Guidelines

Crime in India-2012 Statistics

Guidelines for Arrest

List of amendments of the Constitution of India

Visakha Guideline

Comprehensive guidelines regarding service of summons /notices / Judicial process on the persons residing abroad

Minutes of Chief Justice Conference-2013

Bangalore principles of Judicial conduct

J.S.Verma Committee Report


Law commission report on electoral disqualifications dt. 24.2.2014

U N Declaration of basic principles of justice for victims of crime and abuse of power

Guidelines for medico legal care for survivors and victims of sexual violence

Guidelines for recording of evidence of vulnerable witnesses in criminal matters

Motor Accident Claims Referencer - Delhi Judicial Academy

Minutes of seventh meeting of Advisory Council of the National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms held on 21.1.2015

Brief note on process service in Courts prepared by National Mission

Brief Note on Legislative, Policy and judicial initiatives for the expeditious delivery of justice prepared by the National Mission for Justice Delivery and Legal Reforms

Towards Timely Delivery of Justice to All

Extracts of the minutes of the meeting of General Council of Bar Council of India dt. 17.10.2014

Minutes of the meeting  of the committee constituted to consider the selection of Advocates for imparting professional training under Rajiv Gandhi Advocates' Training Scheme

Rajiv Gandhi Advocate's Training Scheme

Guidelines for dealing with the complaints against  the subordinate judiciary

Direction of the Hon'ble Court passed in W.P. 2906(W) of 2014

Gazette Notification regarding National Judicial Appointment Commission rules-2014

Gazette Notification regarding National Judicial Appointment Commission Act, 2014

The Integrated child protection scheme (ICPS)

Brief on e-courts Project

Notification on e-court Mission Mode Project

Judicial Impact Assessment - An Approach Paper

Report of the Task Force on Judicial Impact Assessment

Project on Access to Justice for Marginalized People

Resolutions of Chief Justices  Conference 2015

Share notations in Bengali

Report of the working Group for the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-2017) by Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, Govt. of India

Terms--English and Vernacular--used in connection with Survey and Settlement Operations in Bengal

The West Bengal Victim Compensation Scheme, 2012

Law Commission of India, 104th report on The Judicial Officers' Protection Act, 1850

Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1989

Strict Compliance of Flag Code of India ,2002

Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children, 2015

Drug Law Enforcement - Field Officers' Handbook

National Court Management Systems (NCMS) - Policy and Action Plan

Increase the limit of the value of the property in dispute for the purpose of determining the jurisdiction of permanent Lok Adalat to  ONE CRORE RUPEES

Karnataka - User Manual 1.0 for CIS 4.0

Report by Law Commission of India on Medical Treatment to Terminally ill patients (Protection of Patients and Medical Practitioners)

Hague Convention abolishing the requirement of legislation for  foreign Public documents

Hague Convention on protection of children and co-operation in respect of inter country adoption

Guidelines for training of Judicial Officers and Strengthening of State Judicial Academies

Report by Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System, Government of India by Chairman Dr. Justice V.S. Malimath

Notification regarding Payment of Dearness Allowance w.e.f 1.1.2016

Resolutions adopted in the Chief Justices' Conference, 2016 ( 22nd and 23rd April, 2016 )

Draft Model Rules, 2016 under The Juvenile Justice(Care and protection of Children) Act, 2015

14th Finance Commission  on the Justice Sector,Memorandum of the Department of Justice

Agenda Notes on Joint Conference of Chief Ministers of States and Chief Justices  of High Courts held on 24.4. 2016

Minutes Of The Joint Conference of Chief Justices of The High Courts  and Chief Ministers of the States  held on 5th April, 2015

Proposal of Department of Justice to14th Finance Commission

Report of Law Commission of India  about expeditious Investigation and Trial of Criminal Cases against Influential Public Personalities

Notification on NDPS Act Dt. 20.4.2010

Notification on NDPS Act Dt. 10.2.2011

Notification on NDPS Act dt. 21.6.2011

Notification regarding Narcotic substances Dt. 26.3.2013

Notifications on NDPS Act

Opium Policy

Notification for prosecution under The Passport Act

Guidelines of Supreme Court and Human Rights Commission on Human Rights by Dr. G.Kalyani

Some useful National Human Rights Commission guidelines

Office order regarding establishment of National Judicial Academic Council

Accidental death & suicides in India - 2014, report by NCRB

Crime in India -2014 (Compendium)

NCHRC guidelines on polygraph Tests

Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Memorandum showing the procedure for appointment  and transfer of Chief justices and Judges of High Courts.

Memorandum showing the procedure for appointment of Chief Justice of India and other Judges of Supreme Court of India.

List of Judge of The Supreme Court of India (Arranged according to  initial date of appointment)as on 01.12.2016.

List of Judges of The High Courts in India (Arranged according to initial date of appointment) as on 01.12.2016.

Statement showing approved strength, working strength and vacancies in Supreme Court and High Courts (as on 01.12.2016).

Notification regarding Symbol for Indian Rupee.

Notification regarding Display of Complete State Emblem of India Dt.02.04.2016.

Handbook_Sexual Harassment of Women 21.09.16.

NSBE National Financial Policy 2014

Strict Compliance of National Anthem 02.04.2016

e-court Mission Mode project, Standard Operating Procedure for Complaint Management.

Guidelines regarding conducting of Magisterial Enquiry in cases of Death in Custody or in the course of police action.



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